A Quick Guide on Epoxy Flooring for Residential Applications

Posted on: 22 April 2021

You may have heard of epoxy but are unsure what it means other than it is a coating. Epoxy, in itself, is a type of resin polymer that hardens when cured. As such, it is typically applied onto a concrete base for purposes such as increasing the strength of the material as well as adding decorative qualities to it. The more layers of epoxy applied, the thicker the resulting plane and this creates a robust surface.
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Three Planning Guidelines for Safe Commercial Concrete Pumping

Posted on: 12 January 2021

Pumping is the most efficient approach to pouring concrete during commercial construction. Therefore, if you are preparing for the establishment of a new building or other structure on your site, you should look into your concrete pumping options. Keep in mind that this approach will increase overall productivity, building speed and the quality of the completed features. However, you should note that concrete pumping can present some worksite risks. Here are simple tips to help you promote efficiency and promote onsite safety.
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3 Advantages You Get When You Hire Professional Demolition Services

Posted on: 20 October 2020

When constructing a new residential property, you might be required to demolish the old one first. However, don't forget that the demolition process is usually a daunting task and is sometimes hazardous. You shouldn't do it yourself; you should instead hire professionals who provide demolition services to carry it out safely. Some old buildings contain some toxic substances, such as asbestos, that could cause a lot of problems if they aren't correctly handled.
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Why You Should Never Attempt Floor Sawing Without Proper Concrete Scanning

Posted on: 14 December 2019

Today, GPR (ground penetrating radar) technology is prevalent in the construction industry. It helps locate various subsurface perils and avoid severe damages and injuries. The scanning process can help contractors discover live power lines, rebar, conduits, underground utilities and pipes while they are still underground.  But why should you perform concrete scanning before proceeding with your floor sawing project? The following are the main reasons why: Safety Considerations During your concrete sawing project, you can encounter potential hazards or damage a vital subsurface object.
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