Want to Install Concrete Commercial Kerbing? 3 Aspects To Consider During the Project

Posted on: 22 July 2021

The outdoor appearance of your commercial building affects how you attract customers to your business. That's why it is vital to create an appealing outdoor area. A great way to enhance the look of your landscape is by installing commercial kerbing. The market offers various kerbing materials for commercial properties. Concrete kerbing is a popular option among commercial property owners. 

Nevertheless, you should involve a professional concrete contractor if you wish to accrue the benefits that come with concrete kerbing. Since every project is unique, the contractor will consider various factors before installing the concrete kerb. By doing this, they can achieve the desired goals. Some vital factors to keep in mind when installing your commercial concrete kerb include the following.

1. The Soil Conditions

Before the project begins, it is vital to test the soil conditions in the area. At this stage, you should find out the soil's moisture levels and whether there are holes in the installation area. If you notice any holes, there may be animals that have created burrows in the area. It is essential to fill the holes before the installation begins to make sure your kerbs are stable. Moreover, the contractor will need to add more aggregate if the soil is excessively moist to ensure it firmly holds the kerb. That's why it is important to work with a concrete contractor who understands the process well. 

2. The Profiles of the Concrete Kerbs

The market offers different types of profiles for concrete kerbs. Take the time to evaluate the design options before the installation work begins. Commercial concrete kerbs can either be mountable or semi-mountable, and you must decide whether you want the kerb to be mountable by cars or to have a barrier that controls movement. Apart from this, it is also vital to consider how the water will drain. The design you choose should allow good water movement and quick drainage. 

3. The Budget for the Project

Generally, kerbing costs vary, depending on the requirements. As such, you should evaluate your needs and set a budget before the project starts. That way, you will choose a design and features that suit your budget. Working with a concrete contractor is crucial at this stage since they will help you make quality and affordable choices. 

Installing concrete kerbing on your commercial property has various benefits, as seen above. The material is long-lasting, affordable, and requires little maintenance. However, you must work with qualified concrete contractors to ensure proper installation. By doing this, you will enjoy the benefits of having concrete kerbs in your commercial property.


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