Why You Should Never Attempt Floor Sawing Without Proper Concrete Scanning

Posted on: 14 December 2019

Today, GPR (ground penetrating radar) technology is prevalent in the construction industry. It helps locate various subsurface perils and avoid severe damages and injuries. The scanning process can help contractors discover live power lines, rebar, conduits, underground utilities and pipes while they are still underground. 

But why should you perform concrete scanning before proceeding with your floor sawing project? The following are the main reasons why:

Safety Considerations

During your concrete sawing project, you can encounter potential hazards or damage a vital subsurface object. Additionally, it's possible to run into objects such as live tension wires that can cause severe injury and even death to the contractors. Thus, concrete scanning is essential in alleviating these risks before proceeding with the project. Scanning locates all the objects underneath precisely and allows contractors to know the exact depth to drill.

It's Time Saving

In case you run into a subsurface object accidentally, it delays your project even further. You'll have to waste more time fixing the problem or working around the object, taking time away from your project. However, concrete scanners help locate such subsurface objects beforehand, assisting contractors to complete the project on time. Furthermore, some problems may require outsourcing experts who may take more time before arriving onsite. 

Cost Saving

Many contractors think that purchasing or hiring a concrete scanner comes with significant cost expenses. On the contrary, though, it helps cut down on huge costs. Furthermore, once you have a precise picture of the subsurface objects, you will proceed with the project confidently without guessing. Thus, you'll know exactly where to channel your efforts. Besides, cutting blindly through concrete may lead to expensive damages to subsurface objects which results to use of more resources, money and time to complete the repairs. 

Enhanced Accuracy

The use of concrete scanning technology or GPR is one of the highly accurate methods to locate subsurface objects and utilities. This technology can identify objects as deep as 300 millimetres in the concrete. Hence, such high accuracy helps prevent guesswork and instils confidence to proceed with your project, knowing the prevailing conditions. Furthermore, you'll not be worried about potential hazards or obstacles that can cause massive delays and expenses. Once the concrete scanning process is complete, you get a clear idea of how you'll plan to complete your project. Also, when working on massive projects, accuracy is crucial, and GPR technology allows you to achieve just that. 


Listed above are the four main reasons why you should never attempt floor sawing without first using the concrete scanning approach. Besides saving time and money, you'll achieve higher accuracy and safety on your project. To learn more about concrete scanning, contact a concrete contractor in your area.


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