Why Precast Concrete Is Beneficial in Commercial Kerbing

Posted on: 9 April 2019

Concrete kerbing is meant to fulfil different functions in commercial property. These structures can be installed to separate parking lots and driveways from the lawn and sidewalks. With concrete kerbing, the safety of the people who work or visit your commercial property will be maintained. Commercial kerbing can also be used to support the pavements or channel run-off water into the storm drains. Moreover, they increase the property's aesthetic appeal for a finished, formal landscape.

So, if you are planning to install concrete kerbing in your commercial property, consider the following benefits of using precast concrete.

Flexible Designs

Since kerbs are prominent features in the landscape, it's vital to ensure that the visual impact they offer is favourable. When you choose to purchase precast concrete blocks from a reliable supplier, you have the option of choosing the design you desire. There are versatile designs for kerbs — you can always choose various styles and visual effects (colour, surface finishing and shapes) that suit your requirements. What's more, you can always ask the manufacturer to make kerbs that mimic any kind of building block and also get products that have a different finish, like weathered stones or cobblestone.

Increased Resilience

Manufacturers use different kinds of materials to create kerbs. This includes stone slabs, asphalt, pavers and concrete. However, precast concrete is a more popular material when it comes to commercial kerbing.

Since a commercial kerbing project is huge, the precast concrete blocks aren't created on-site. The kerbs are manufactured in offsite factories, then cured in a controlled environment. Through this process, more resilient materials are designed for the kerbing project. The manufacturers carefully monitor the moulds to make sure there aren't structural weaknesses, like air bubbles or porosity.

The curation is typically done in optimal conditions, reinforcing the mould's strength. This way, you will be assured of getting quality products and your kerbing will last longer. The blocks won't be vulnerable to deflection, warping or corrosion. These features are essentials since commercial kerbing is exposed to human traffic, commercial vehicle impacts and the harsh weather conditions (stormwater, ice, sunrays and snow).

Reduced Project Duration

If you'd like to shorten the duration of your kerbing project, consider getting precast concrete blocks. These items have already been made, so all you need to do is install them. The installation experts will take less time to complete the project, and the normal commercial activities will continue immediately. Additionally, labour expenses will reduce since the installation work is not intensive.

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