Commercial Concrete Floors: Comparing the Coating Options for Your Interior Spaces

Posted on: 21 November 2017

The application of a coating on your commercial floors will enhance the aesthetics of your interior space. Also, the added layer will minimise the consequences of mechanical shock and impact, and the probability of surface staining will decrease significantly. Additionally, seamless concrete coatings will eliminate the porosity of the flooring. This property promotes easier maintenance and minimises the risk of flooring damage through water penetration. On the other hand, it is crucial to note that the benefits obtained will depend on the selected product. Therefore, consider this brief comparison of the most popular types of coatings for seamless floors.

Methyl Methacrylate 

Methyl methacrylate is commonly known as MMA coating. This product is favoured over alternatives because the coating cures fast after initial application. This property will allow you to resume your normal activities. Therefore, there will be minimal loss of revenue. Also, MMA can be applied in very cold environments. If you are looking for a coating for your commercial freezer or cold room, this is an ideal choice. It also performs quite well as a waterproofing coating, and its flexibility ensures that it has an extended lifespan. However, if the surface is not prepared sufficiently, the applied material will fail prematurely.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating products are popular in commercial and industrial interior floors. The likability of the material can primarily be attributed to the aesthetics of the applied material. In simple terms, epoxy has a sleek and smooth look which conceals the unattractive or plain concrete. Also, the fluid is available in multiple colours. You can choose the most appealing or even select your brand colours. Epoxy coatings are quite resilient after curing. They will resist impact and harden the floor against abrasion. Moreover, the upper layer is waterproof, and it will limit damage to the flooring by most chemicals.

Urethane Coatings

Urethane and epoxy coatings share numerous properties when applied to concrete floors. Like epoxy, urethane has excellent visual appeal. Therefore, you can utilise the material to enhance your interior design. Also, it has good impact and abrasion resistance, a beneficial property for high traffic areas. However, unlike epoxy, urethane can resist thermal shock. Typically, epoxy will sustain damage when exposed to high temperature. If you are planning on coating an area which will be subject to steam and hot water cleaning, urethane is the ideal choice. However, the price of purchase will be high.

Choosing the right floor coating can be challenging. Therefore, you should discuss your needs and preferences with your concrete contractor.


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